Hi, I'm Una

me in a lab coat on the set of Google I/O 2022 filming

I lead the UI & Tooling Developer Relations Team at Google Chrome. Our team focuses on making the web platform easier to use and more robust for developers, primarily through CSS, HTML, and DevTools capabilities (with some JavaScript mixed in too). We help design web platform APIs, build samples to identify bugs and demonstrate use cases, research and help prioritize what to add to the platform, and share all the new stuff with you! It’s a pretty meta role, and I love getting to play a small part in supporting the evolving web ecosystem. I’m also a member of the CSS Working Group and OpenUI Community Group.

Before that, I worked on building scalable and expressive design systems as a Developer Advocate on the Material Design team, as the Director of Product Design at Bustle Digital Group, and as a UI Engineer at DigitalOcean and IBM Design.

I also co-host the CSS Podcast, as well as the web video series Designing in the Browser. I’ve spoken at over 80 developer events around the world, and built open source libraries such as CSSgram. Outside of the tech community, I’m an avid calligrapher and love to travel whenever I can.

Thanks for stopping by my site, and don't hesitate to reach out! 😊

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