SassConf 2014 Resource RoundUp

October 2, 2014

Keeping Your Sass Squeeky Clean with Adam Onishi (@onishiweb)

Building an Artful Web with Smith Schwartz (@smithschwartz)

Tab Atkins Keynote on the Future of CSS (@tabatkins)

Spreading the Sass Love with Una Kravets (@una)

Sassy Colors with Katie Kurkoski (@KatieK2)

Style as a Service: Maintaining Style Across Multiple Websites with Shay Howe (@shayhowe)

Future Tools: Beyond Live Style Guides with Adam Detrick (@akdetrick)

Thinking (Inside the Box)x3 with Mason Wendell (@codingdesigner)

Refactoring Workshop (@elyseholladay and @gina)

UI Regression Workshop (@klamping)

Optimising the Critical Rendering Path with Patrick Hamann (@patrickhamann)

Expanding Your Sass Arsenal with Anthony DiSpezio (@adispezio)

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